"Parents, we must retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose to achieve, a cause to pursue, a child to love and a destiny to reach. 

It is time to Parent on Purpose not only for your child but for your neighbors child realizing that we are all interchangeably connected."

~Deborah L. Tillman

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a strong, vibrant, purpose-driven and effective team of parent leaders who are on fire and committed to raising the next generation in excellence by setting high standards, moral certitude and compassion for all.


Daughters Destined to Soar


To build a solid foundation and inspire tweens and teenage young ladies to

live out their God-given Divine

Townhall Meetings

We collaborate with local schools and churches inviting parents from around the county to have a lively discussion on the "State of Parenting"

ParenTEEN Movement

This intensive summer program equips teen parents by providing them with the tools and techniques needed to raise their children on purpose. 

Thank you to our supporters and partners of the Movement