Why a Parenting Movement in

the 21st Century?

A Letter from Our Founder

Imagine for a moment a nation where we the parents not only birthed our children but actually raised our children. 

Imagine if we the parents, set high but reachable standards for ourselves and our children. Imagine if we the parents respected every child of every race and every color and every socioeconomic status in every zip code. Imagine if instead of WE THE PEOPLE, the preamble READ –WE THE PARENTS in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, imagine if we lived up to our own preamble of Parenting on Purpose.


And just imagine if we the parents truly valued our POSITION as parents and led by example.  What would our nation look like? If children are the future, what does the face of the future look like?  We currently live in a nation where children are neglected rather than nurtured, abused rather than attended to a nation where children are no longer safe in schools, at home in stores or walking down the street.




We live in a culture where children are disobedient, disrespectful and defiant toward adults and their peers and where parents are more interested being the child’s best friend rather than being their best teacher. What does the face of the future look like? Does it look like the 21st century, where


  • Talking has been replaced with texting.
  • Building relationships have been replaced with building Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Communicating has been replaced with conflict

  • Interacting has been replaced with isolation?


We are loosing an entire generation of children who will be less prepared to lead this country than their parents who brought them into it. And all the while we are asking the Question: What has happened to Children?  When the question really should be, "What has happened to their Parents?


I was 3 when Lyndon B Johnson had hopes of his “Great” Society.  I was 5 ½ when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated along with his Dream of a better nation for not only his children but for all children.


And almost 50 years later, the question still remains….. When will the dream be realized?  It will be realized when we all begin to Value and Invest in children and their parents.

Here is the Good News... We can change it. There is HOPE


Every passionate parent has the Power to change the

The face of Parenting in the 21st century. When we Change ourselves we can change our lives.  When we change our lives we can change our homes.  When we change our homes we can change our communities. When we change our communities we can change our cities when we change our cities we can change the state when we change the state we can change the nation when we change the nation we can change the continent when we change the continent we can change the world.



The Parenting Movement is a leader in rebuilding, restoring and responding to the needs of the community through events, campaigns and town hall meetings. We equip leaders to serve in their communities by empowering, encouraging, uplifting and supporting all parents as they raise the next generation.

“Lucky parents who have fine children usually have lucky children who have fine parents.”  -James Brewer 

"Parents matter because the future matters."  -Deborah L. Tillman