10 Ways to Create a Bedtime Routine

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Bedtime can be a frustrating experience if you don't have a routine. Here are some of my time-tested bedtime tips to help you get the kids ready for bed with minimal resistance.

  1. Spend time unwinding with a quiet activity 30 minutes before starting the bedtime routine.

  2. Be Consistent. The routine should be the same night to night so that your child learns to anticipate sleep as part of the routine.

  3. Include bath time in your regular routine, as the soothing warmth will help prepare your child’s body for rest.

  4. Three B’s Bath, Brush, Book and Sweet dreams

  5. Leave the room while your child is still awake

  6. Allow soft music or a nightlight

  7. Remain calm when your child calls for you

  8. Reassure your child that you will come back and check on him or her during the night.

  9. Always put your infant on his or her back in the crib to sleep

  10. Impose reasonable consequences if your child refuses to go to sleep. For example a favorite toy might go in “Time Out” or your child might lose TV time for continuing to act out at bedtime.

Suggested Bed Times

  • Pre-K 7:00pm -7:30pm

  • Elementary 7:30pm – 8:00pm

  • Middle school 8:00pm -8:30pm

  • High School 8:30pm – 9:00pm

Don’t sabatoge your plan by doing any of these things. Don't...

  • Make TV part of the bedtime routine

  • Offer caffeinated sodas with dinner

  • Allow frequent interruptions to the evening routine

  • Make lying down together or rocking your child to sleep a regular part of your evening routine.

  • Use thick blankets, quilts, stuffed animals or pillows in your infant crib

  • Pick your child up if he or she continues to call for you or fights going to sleep. Instead, simply reassure him or her that you are nearby.

Happy Parenting,

Ms. Deborah

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